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WHMCS Module for ISPConfig

Back in September 2014 I purchased the commercial version of the ISPConfig module for WHMCS from Germanius on the ISPConfig forum and for the most part the module worked, however there is an error that is being reported by many users in which you get the error  “SOAP Error: no_server_error” when you enable the create website function. After having no joy trying to get this fixed by Germanius, I finally got frustrated enough that I ended up writing a new version of the module and released it as opensource under the GPL3.

You can find the module at

For instructions on how to configure the module, see the wiki

For support or other issues, please see the thread on HowtoForge

My updates to rawNumbers.php for Nagvis

At work I utilize Nagios to monitor our systems and Nagvis to display things in a visual way on a large screen monitor so we can see whats it going on at a glance. One of the gadgets we use quite a bit is the rawNumbers.php by Sascha Runschke. Now while it works well at what it does, which is displaying data as a number in image format, it is very limited with customizations. Nagvis gives you the ability to pass options in the gadget_opts field so that you can choose what you want to display. What I have done is to add some extra functionality to the gadget to allow you to modify the following

* divide = <value> divides the perfdata by this number.

This allow you to set the divisor for traffic data which is in bps to show as MB/s. As an example, your perfdata is 3752690,4Bits/s and you use divide=1048576, then rawNumbers will display 3.5 as the output
* datauom = <string> shows this as the uom instead of the perfdata, showuom must not be set to 0.

This is a fairly simple change that allows you to change what displays after the value. For example, you might want to show Hz for Hertz or C for Celsius after your values. Note that showuom must not be set to '0' or whatever you set here will not display.
* showuom = <0|1> default = 1 shows the unit of measure.

This allows you to turn off the display of the unit of measure so it does not display.
* string = s s is a string the perfdata label has to contain

This allows you to choose what to display if you have multiple perfdata in the array. It is handy when displaying traffic counters. You would set string=traffic_in and string=traffic_out to get both in the inbound and outbound traffic data to show. Replace traffic_in / traffic_out with your own perfdata names of course.

This example uses gadget_opts of:

In: showuom=1 divide=1048576 datauom=Mb string=traffic_in

Out: showuom=1 divide=1048576 datauom=Mb string=traffic_out


Here is another example from a UPS. These use divide=10 to format them correctly.



Download the below file and extract the contents into your nagvis  gadgets directory. (likely something like /usr/share/nagvis/share/userfiles/gadgets) Be sure to back up the original files first in case something goes wrong.




Hopefully these changes will come in handy for someone else.

Links to other websites

Jomac Pty Ltd, Has been supplying technical support to the Amusement Machine industry since 1983.

2000 Computers & Networks Pty Ltd, provide quality hosting services at affordable prices.

Australian Retro Arcade, Pinball and Mame Forum

In 2 Amusements is a Perth, Western Australian on-line supplier of one of the largest range of arcade parts and accessories in Australia.

Mod chip installer and videogame console repair centre

You can trust that DSB Electrical will provide you with a prompt professional service

For all your promotional needs, keyrings, stubby holders, mouse pads etc

For hire, sales and service of pinball and other fun games

Service Repair Tools

Over the years there have been numerous improvements in servicing tools such as soldering irons and desoldering tools. These are some of the tools which I have used over the years in the industry.

One of the very first soldering irons I used was a Scope soldering iron, which consisted of a 5V 30A transformer and separate hand-pieces. I still have my unit sitting in an old toolbox in the back room. Maybe one day I should donate it to a museum!


I had the Superscope hand-piece like this one below which was made of Bakelite and after many years of use became quite brittle. The later updated the design to use new generation of plastics which were quite a bit better at keeping the heat away from the handle and did not seem to become brittle with age.


I also had the Miniscope hand-piece later on, which was quite a bit smaller and easier to get into hard to reach places on tv's, vcr's and cd players etc. The temperature on the iron was controlled by the user by holding the switch down and letting it go to regulate the heat at the tip, which was a bit of an art, but once you got used to them, they became quite easy to use.


After the Scope came one of the most well known Hakko soldering irons on the market, which is still around even today, the Hakko 936 temperature controlled iron. These irons were the work horse and compared very well to the Weller and Pace equivalent units that were also on the market. I still pull this unit out from time to time when I need to do some work on the road, or away from the workbench and its just too hard to get the bench iron to the job.


The next upgrade was not really an upgrade as such. I got a Hakko 701 which is a combination of a 936 iron and a 474/808 desoldering gun. I still use the desoldering gun on this unit, but the soldering iron has been put away in favour of the Metcal unit listed below.


Speaking of desoldering, this Weller unit was one of the first powered desoldering pumps which I used, and for its time, it did work quite well, even if it was quite a large unit and it was laborious having to press the plunger back in each time.


The late came a few years ago. It was a Metcal MX-500 series soldering station with both the Metcal Advanced hand-piece and the UltraFine hand-piece which I install a 0.2mm ultra fine tip into for those fine repair tasks that are just too small to use the standard iron or hotair for. This iron has been without a doubt the best iron I have ever used. The unit has lots of power to tackle those lead free solder boards that you just could not tackle before with the likes of the older Hakko irons. Add to that the ability to quick change the tip's along with the massive range of tunnel tips for smd devices, such as dpak, soic, sop, soj, som, qfp, sqfp, tqfp, plcc and the unit is hands down the best irons that I and my best friend Jomac have ever used. There is a brand on the market called Thermaltronics which is very similar to the Metcal units, but in my experience, the power supplies do not have the power of the Metcal unit and the tips do not last as long or have the same quality or feel of the Metcal tips.



Now we live in the world of BGA devices, it became apparent a number of years ago that without the correct tools, a lot of boards would simply not be repairable by us, so we got the Metcal APR-5000-DZ Rework system. This unit consists of the main unit pictured below and a PC with software which in conjunction with the sensors on the unit and a high power camera provides the ability to rework boards up to about 30 x 35cm in size. This unit has been absolutely unbelievably handy to us and has allowed us to repair so many boards which we would have otherwise had to write off or send off to the manufacturer for repair.



Edit: 08-Oct-2015:

This is the latest edition to the work bench replacing the Hakko 701. I purchased the Hakko FR-400 Desoldering Station which is rated at whopping 300W and has the power to tackle those heavy ground planes etc. I have not had the unit for too long, but I am really liking its power.




Edit: 03-Sep-2016:

The latest edition to the toolkit is a Wellon VP-998 Universal programmer. This unit supports some 80,000+ IC's and includes ttl/cmos and dynamic/static ram tests.



Edit: 08-Apr-2017

Purchased a digital microscope to get high quality look at smd components and for very small reworking of components.

Fortigates and FTP Resume “502 Command REST not allowed by policy”

If you use FTP and require the ability to resume file transfers and your sitting behind a Fortigate appliance, you will probably want to create a rule specifically for FTP traffic without AntiVirus rules. If you do not disable AntiVirus, you will get an error like "502 Command REST not allowed by policy".

If FTP resume is required and can be restricted to a certain destination host, or a group of destination hosts, then that is preferable to leaving it open to all destinations.

Add denied sessions to session table

Fortinet published a SysAdmin Handbook article called "Adding denied sessions to session table" In that article there is an error.

They have the process listed as

config system setting
set ses-denied-traffic enable
set block-session-timer 60

Where in fact the correct process to implement session blocking is

config system settings
set ses-denied-traffic enable

config system global
set block-session-timer 60

And I thought religion was a Lie!


I used to be surprised by the masses of people who blindly follow and believe in religion, but in recent years, that surprise has been overshadowed by the shock of how so many apparently intelligent people are blindly believing the hype about Climate Change. It was not all that many years ago that it was being referred to as Global Warming, but that had to be changed after the predictions didn’t eventuate. The fact that this nonsense on Climate Change being caused by mankind is now being taught as fact in our schools just goes to show how much money is being invested in the science that the scientists will do and say almost anything to cause panic in the masses that the world as we know it is going to self destruct if we don’t stop putting CO2 into the atmosphere.

“What is normal for planet earth?” – This is a simple question, yet it seems to be unanswered, so how can we know we are on a path to destruction?

If only people would open their eyes and listen to the real scientists and the real facts that are being presented, and not bent to suit your perceived model, you will see there are lots of questions surrounding the so called science that is being shoved down our throats. I do not deny that things are changing, but history shows us that things are always changing on this planet and I am sure that they will continue to change well after mankind has vanished from the face of the earth.

Here are a couple of documentaries that I suggest everybody watch.

Dell Force10 MXL 10/40GbE SwitchIO Module Console Cable

I needed to peform some work on a pair of Dell Force10 MXL 10/40GbE SwitchIO Module’s for a client, but they were missing the console cable for these units. These units use a serial cable, but the connection on the switch module is a USB A. I ended up having to make one up after managing to find someone who was nice enough to check the pinouts for me. So to help others, I am placing this up for anyone else who may get stuck in the same situation.


Dell Force 10 MXL 10/40GbE Switch IO Module Console Cable (DB9 to USB A)