Climate Change

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Did I really just deliberately quote Monty Python in the title for this post? Yes, I certainly did. I use the quote to deliberately highlight that actual facts are the real casualty when it comes to the world wide main stream coverage of Climate Change.

The blame is being targeted squarely at CO2, a gas which cant be seen, tasted or smelt, yet is required for life to exist. A fact which I do not think I have ever seen reported is that there has been much higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere in the earth's history. According to information on Wikipedia, levels have been as high as 6000 - 7000ppmv. Was mankind the cause of the increase in CO2 previously or was it simply the earth's ecosystem doing what it does and has continued to do for millions of years?

This page will contain links to actual information which is publicly available, yet is not reported by the main stream media. Whether this failure to report is due to them not wanting to go against some political agenda, an unwillingness to check the information is actually factual or some other reason I do not know and I am not going to speculate. I will likely be labelled as a climate denier, working for the oil companies or some how being associated or funded by the fossil fuel industry for posting this information.

One really good video which everyone should watch is by Physicists Willie Soon and Elliott Bloom. They talk extensively about many different aspects of Climate Change and the misinformation being reported.

A very interesting video is on the Youtube channel Conversations That Matter with Dr Patrick Moore where Dr Moore talks about the Carbon Dioxide. He discusses that over the previous 600 million years, for which we have a reasonable record, the earth reached a level of only 180ppmv which is just 30ppmv above the death of plants.

According to Michael Mann and his hockey stick graph, which is widely used by the IPCC and main stream media in general, the earth has been in an incredible major heating event for many years. Yet an investigation by Climate Discussion Nexus Hide The Decline has revealed many discrepancies and omissions along with what could only really be called fraudulent behaviour.

Further to the investigation on the Mann hockey stick graph, the Climate Discussion Nexus also did an investigation into the saying 97% of the workds scientists agree on the science.

Professor Roy Spencer spoke at a conference in July 2019. He talks about the actual recorded data and the dependencies between the climate models and the observed data from the troposphere. He discusses that the climate models show that the warming should be higher in the troposphere than anywhere else. Over the 40 years of recordings, the data shows a 0.13C rise per decade, or a faction of a hundredth of a degree per year.

Below is a slide from Professor Roy Spencer's talk which shows tha actual observations recorded, being the thicker red and blue lines and the thick green line being the reanalysis of all the observable data, versus the climate models with an average of all 102 models being the thick black line.

An informative talk about Climate Change is by Steven F. Hayward, Pepperdine University He talks extensively about the realities of what would be have to be achieved to actually meet the targets which are being pushed onto us.

Sir Richard Attenborough is very well known for his wildlife and planet documentaries and most people would not think there was a need to fact check anything which he says, yet a recent video shows the many failures of the Sir Richard Attenborough and his team to check the facts about what he is narrating and is well worth a watch. After seeing the errors and traumatising images shown in some of these documentaries, its not surprising there are so many children with the so called eco-aniexty, and are so brainwashed into believing the narrative which is being fed to them by main stream media and even the education system. Critical thinking used to be taught as a good thing, yet now you are not permitted to question Climate Change in the classroom. I used to have a lot of respect for Sir David Attenborough, but that respect has diminished over recent years due to the factually incorrect information which he is spreading and continues to push to the public in general.

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Climate Change

And I thought religion was a Lie!


I used to be surprised by the masses of people who blindly follow and believe in religion, but in recent years, that surprise has been overshadowed by the shock of how so many apparently intelligent people are blindly believing the hype about Climate Change. It was not all that many years ago that it was being referred to as Global Warming, but that had to be changed after the predictions didn’t eventuate. The fact that this nonsense on Climate Change being caused by mankind is now being taught as fact in our schools just goes to show how much money is being invested in the science that the scientists will do and say almost anything to cause panic in the masses that the world as we know it is going to self destruct if we don’t stop putting CO2 into the atmosphere.

“What is normal for planet earth?” – This is a simple question, yet it seems to be unanswered, so how can we know we are on a path to destruction?

If only people would open their eyes and listen to the real scientists and the real facts that are being presented, and not bent to suit your perceived model, you will see there are lots of questions surrounding the so called science that is being shoved down our throats. I do not deny that things are changing, but history shows us that things are always changing on this planet and I am sure that they will continue to change well after mankind has vanished from the face of the earth.

Here are a couple of documentaries that I suggest everybody watch.