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Fortigates and FTP Resume “502 Command REST not allowed by policy”

If you use FTP and require the ability to resume file transfers and your sitting behind a Fortigate appliance, you will probably want to create a rule specifically for FTP traffic without AntiVirus rules. If you do not disable AntiVirus, you will get an error like "502 Command REST not allowed by policy".

If FTP resume is required and can be restricted to a certain destination host, or a group of destination hosts, then that is preferable to leaving it open to all destinations.

Add denied sessions to session table

Fortinet published a SysAdmin Handbook article called "Adding denied sessions to session table" In that article there is an error.

They have the process listed as

config system setting
set ses-denied-traffic enable
set block-session-timer 60

Where in fact the correct process to implement session blocking is

config system settings
set ses-denied-traffic enable

config system global
set block-session-timer 60

And I thought religion was a Lie!


I used to be surprised by the masses of people who blindly follow and believe in religion, but in recent years, that surprise has been overshadowed by the shock of how so many apparently intelligent people are blindly believing the hype about Climate Change. It was not all that many years ago that it was being referred to as Global Warming, but that had to be changed after the predictions didn’t eventuate. The fact that this nonsense on Climate Change being caused by mankind is now being taught as fact in our schools just goes to show how much money is being invested in the science that the scientists will do and say almost anything to cause panic in the masses that the world as we know it is going to self destruct if we don’t stop putting CO2 into the atmosphere.

“What is normal for planet earth?” – This is a simple question, yet it seems to be unanswered, so how can we know we are on a path to destruction?

If only people would open their eyes and listen to the real scientists and the real facts that are being presented, and not bent to suit your perceived model, you will see there are lots of questions surrounding the so called science that is being shoved down our throats. I do not deny that things are changing, but history shows us that things are always changing on this planet and I am sure that they will continue to change well after mankind has vanished from the face of the earth.

Here are a couple of documentaries that I suggest everybody watch.

Dell Force10 MXL 10/40GbE SwitchIO Module Console Cable

I needed to peform some work on a pair of Dell Force10 MXL 10/40GbE SwitchIO Module’s for a client, but they were missing the console cable for these units. These units use a serial cable, but the connection on the switch module is a USB A. I ended up having to make one up after managing to find someone who was nice enough to check the pinouts for me. So to help others, I am placing this up for anyone else who may get stuck in the same situation.


Dell Force 10 MXL 10/40GbE Switch IO Module Console Cable (DB9 to USB A)